1: Censoring Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been systematically cleansed of negative, but accurate, properly sourced, verifiable information about Royal Dutch Shell.  Entire articles about Shell were totally deleted. Fortunately, I kept copies, the content of which are republished in this book.  The above graphic is based on an article by The Independent: ”Mystery of the Wikifixer: who is the secret image-cleansing agent?)

I am a fan of Wikipedia and use it frequently. Its co-founders each deserve plaudits and respect for its creation and for making it free to use.

Regretfully, however, Wikipedia is flawed to a degree that damages the integrity of many Wikipedia articles that have a commercial connection. For example, Wikipedia articles about companies.

Such articles, covering the ethical conduct of a company, can potentially affect its value.

The basic flaw to which I am drawing attention is the policy of permitting anonymous editing of Wikipedia articles. It allows skullduggery to take place. read more

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