4: Royal Dutch Shell safety concerns

The above headline and related extract from an article published by The Wall Street Journal in March 2007 highlighted a very serious problem at Shell identified in numerous press articles. Namely the safety of people working for an oil giant which puts production and profits before safety. 

(Information from WIKIMEDIA COMMONS: The above Shell logo image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired and its author is anonymous.)

Royal Dutch Shell safety concerns

The energy multi-national Royal Dutch Shell has faced campaigning activity on its safety record and Health and Safety working practices, particularly in relation to its North Sea platforms, following the tragic death of only two offshore workers after a gas leak on its Brent Bravo platform on 11 September 2003. Representations made by offshore unions and by Bill Campbell, the retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International, have attracted the attention of the news media resulting in numerous articles being published on the subject. Shell has consistently maintained following the Brent Bravo accident, that it gives first priority to the safety of offshore workers and all Shell employees. read more

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